Vistamaxx™performance polymers and the Escorez™ 5000 family of high-performance tackifiers are compatible with a wide range of polymers used in nonwoven applications.

Adhesives based on these polymers and tackifiers are light in color, and remain thermally stable from manufacturing to product use. These polymers enable optimized value through a new world of adhesive formulating advantages.

Vistamaxx performance polymers
Amazingly high bond strength and mileage

  • High (45-65%) polymer loading
  • Low odor and minimal color
  • Thermally stable viscosity
  • Low application temperatures

Escorez 5000 tackifiers
Amazingly high bond strength and stability

  • Excellent color performance with outstanding thermal and UV stability
  • Compatibility with a wide range of polymers
  • Excellent balance of adhesion and cohesion properties


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