Discover new possibilities and challenge reality using Achieve™ Advanced PP, Vistamaxx™ performance polymers and ExxonMobil™ PP resins for spunbond and meltblown nonwoven processes. Offering ease of processing, softness, strength, and improved barrier performance, they enable customers to add value in a range of applications.

Achieve Advanced PP
Tremendously comfortable nonwovens that are leak-proof and strong

  • Up to 15% higher fabric strength
  • Outstanding barrier properties
  • Clean and consistent processing

Vistamaxx performance polymers
Exceptionally soft nonwovens that are drapable and lightweight

  • Increased softness
  • Drapability can be greatly increased
  • Lightweight

ExxonMobil PP
Premier processability

  • Excellent spinnability for consistent, high-quality fabrics
  • Maximum throughputs
  • Blended with Vistamaxx performance polymers for tailored softness


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Achieve Advanced PP: Challenge reality and rethink what’s possible in hygiene comfort

Vistamaxx performance polymers: Create new softness for nonwovens

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